Measurement Automation

Software-designed instrumentation, is giving engineers the ability to customize measurement systems and reduce cost.

  • Equipment setup simplification
  • Precision improvement
  • Time reduction
  • Procedure customization
  • Measurement automation

RF Application Design & Production Automation
MC has years RF application experience of high quality RF-module and wireless audio, in a wide range of applications such as Home-theater, wireless speakers, wireless headphones, home security, home health-care, automotive networks, Industrial networks, interactive toys, and remote metering markets.

  • Knowledge in RF systems and circuits design
  • Antenna design capability
  • RF production know-how
  • Professional NI RF measurement platform
  • High accuracy & consistence
  • Experienced in building RF production line
  • Capabilities of design & production debugging

Centralized Remote Monitoring System

Integrated monitoring system for different types of signals with specified analysis algorithms, results remotely accessible everywhere along the network.

  • Rapid-Result, real-time monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance, signal signature analysis
  • Improve Accuracy and Precision
  • Full picture of integrated monitoring
  • User-friendly modularized architecture
  • Boundlessly expandable structure
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