MaxChina is a proven solution provider of conditional base monitoring system, automation & robotic systems for renowned public transport railway, hospital & industrial automation companies in HK and South China.

Built on top of robust NI high speed DAQ hardware, MaxChina’s system software offers zero down-time system by redundancy with fail-safe design & fail-over mechanism to provide customer a reliable system for round the clock predictive maintenance. Our expertise in signal analysis facilitates our capability to identify best fit measurement or analysis for our customers to reduce equipment failure rate thus overall maintenance cost.

With the advance of our cross disciplinary technologies, MaxChina aims to support our customers more in the age of 5G, AI, Robotics, IOT and Industry 4.0.

Growth - we strive to achieve a sustainable healthy Growth to return stakeholders including our shareholders and staff.

Excel - we cultivate a good working environment so that people inside is inspired to Excel.

Technology - we believe Technology is our fundamental value. We continue to develop primary technologies to enhance our customers productivity.

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